To enhance surfing ability, refine surfboard knowledge, and introduce new modern board technologies for riders of all ages. Let’s face the facts, surfboards can be costly, especially those featuring new premium technologies and designs. Here at Shredlocker, we strive to provide you with a wide collection of exciting surfboard models from popular and long time board shapers for you to try out for yourself without the hassles of buying and selling on your own or breaking the bank each time you purchase a new surfboard. Discover the perfect fit and feel of a surfboard that connects with your style, riding, and beach break, through constant experimentation and riding, on the isle birthplace of surfing!

Additionally, our fees are competitive and meant to save you money. For visitors, avoid the hassle of lugging your own board to Honolulu. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding surfboard selection or the best surf break for your surf ability.

Our advantages and benefits designed specifically for You:

1. Premium Tech

Ride the very latest surfboard builds and designs from Firewire, TOMO, Channel Islands, Lost Mayhem, and more that other shops don’t afford.

2. Fully Contactless

Pickup process allows you to grab and go comfortably without person-to-person transactions. Save time & have peace of mind.

3. Flexibility

Scheduling is not required – get your surf on at any time of the day without dealing with or waiting for a surf shop or beach stand to open.

Shredlocker, LLC